11/17/2004 01:23:03 PM|||peter patnaik|||While searching for pictures of Whistlin' Alex Moore, I stumbled upon Wherehouse.com the mall cd store that has a used cd section. For what ever reason they have a handful of really great blues cds in their used cd section including about half of the document Charley Patton discs, Bumble Bee Slim (Document) among other things. Also the complete works of Blind Willie Johnson for only 9.99 which is a good price for that double disc set. I'm still searching through, but it seems like a good place to find some cheap pre-war blues cds. The Memphis Jug Band link should be working now, if not refresh the page and try again.

Alex Moore was born in Texas and learned to play piano at a early age. He recorded for Columbia, but never really played outside of Texas until he was rediscovered later in his life. A good boogie-woogie style piano player, the most distinguishing aspect of his music is of course his high pitch whistle that sounds a lot like Sonny Terry's voice. This track is a pretty great murder ballad, and features some great moaning whistlin'.

  • Whistlin' Alex Moore - Ice Pick Blues (Link Fixed!)
  • |||110071842801689967|||Ice Pick Blues11/17/2004 02:42:21 PM|||Anonymous|||Memphis Jug band link works now (great track!), but now same problem with Icepick Blues.
    ~Steve H.11/18/2004 04:50:12 AM|||Reverend Frost|||Hello Mate, excellent track, excellent stuff, keep up the good work !