11/19/2004 01:39:40 PM|||peter patnaik|||I'm finally going to see Undertow tonight in Chapel Hill, I'm so very excited. Undertow is the new David Green film, the guy behind George Washington and All The Real Girls, and if you google it please do not view the trailer, it's easily the worst trailer I have ever seen. I picked up a stack of CDs at the radio station today, including the New Sally Timms and the Castanets both of which look to score highly on my year end lists.

Bob Linn always sends me some really great string band and early country tracks, but this one is not only the best thing he's sent me, but one of the best songs I've heard all year. I was unable to find any information on the artist, but who ever Fisher Hindley was, he was a great talent.

...the song speaks to one of the primary occupations in this part of Georgia in the early
20th century -- working in a cotton mill. Every town had its mill village, and farmers, unable to live under the crop-lien system, found they could do better by moving to town and working in a mill. Moving from the relative freedom of farming to the confines of a weave room would make anybody blue, and Hindley makes the experience graphic.

-Bob Linn

  • Fisher Hindley - Weave Room Blues

  • |||110089132024057566|||Guest Blogger !11/19/2004 04:50:26 PM|||Anonymous|||You weren't kidding, this is a great song. Thanks for putting it up, I'm going to be listening to it a lot. -toph11/22/2004 09:36:56 AM|||Jack|||Wow - an amazing song, that. As are the majority of songs posted here. I've been following the weblog for a while, and you've introduced me to/reminded me of a hell of a lot of great music, really reawakening my interest in this kind of music - thanks!