11/18/2004 03:04:03 PM|||peter patnaik|||I'm sorry about all the recent link problems, I have a hard time telling how many times something is underscored, apparently. Tomorrow I'll be features a really great string band track sent to me by a reader who always sends me the best music, it's a really great track, so make sure you check back tomorrow for it.

Sleep John Estes along with Son House were the first blues musicians I truly fell in love with. Estes' unique singing voice along with his unusually personal tales really helped me understand the scope of the blues. This track Floating Bridge tells the story of a near drowning experience the previous year and it's so hauntingly told, punctuated by a wonderful harmonica by Hammie Nixon. One of the best.

  • Sleepy John Estes - Floating Bridge
  • |||110081172350978047|||Floating Bridge.