11/12/2004 05:12:57 PM|||Mark Coltrain|||Hi. People call me Coleslaw. I'm one of the biggest music geeks around. If I had my wish I'd step in the way back machine and arrive in the recording studio with O.V. Wright during his Back Beat days. I live in Greensboro, NC, work at a coffee shop called The Green Bean, and enjoy fast cars and fast women.

This is my first posting thanks to Mr. Peter "Pre-War Blues" Patnaik. Hopefully it'll be the first of many. I also hope I can turn one of you bloggers out there onto some solid numbers by folks with which you're not too familiar and maybe even provide some information and insights to brighten your mind.

My main interests lie in the obscure and novel music of the past....stay tuned for more music and more words.

This is a random track by a favorite 60's soul songstress of mine, Ms. Bettye Swann - just posting to make sure everything works correctly.

Please enjoy it and follow the directions in the title...

  • Bettye Swann - Make Me Yours

  • |||110029880007549703|||Bettye Swann Makes Me Swoon11/14/2004 05:14:36 PM|||Anonymous|||welcome, Coleslaw... awesome Swann song....

    -spoon11/29/2004 04:08:39 AM|||darwin|||Wow, what a tune. The songs you never hear on the oldies station..

    More, more!