11/3/2004 03:10:08 PM|||peter patnaik|||Worse than bush being re-elected is the all the fucking bans on gay marriage and annulment of gay civil unions. What the fuck guys?

and don't blame this on the south, either. |||109951275110421836|||ARGH11/3/2004 03:30:07 PM|||Chris|||Well, you know, traditional marriage was in real trouble. Marriage was drying up because of all this wild gay marriage going around. I mean, you just had to go out and protect it, like it was a state park or something.11/3/2004 03:31:15 PM|||Chris|||just in case folks, preceding comment was sarcasm.11/5/2004 08:19:01 AM|||Tuwa|||Well, the parks aren't well protected either; loggers still go in and chop here and there.

Personally, I think the religious people just prefer gay promiscuity. ^_^11/5/2004 02:21:04 PM|||peter patnaik|||hah11/6/2004 10:08:38 PM|||jasperjed|||Another mind-blower is that 20% of gays and lesbians in the red states voted for Bush (according to some polls). So clearly, membership in the gay column does not generate the same kind of loyalty that being a member of, say, born-again evangelicals can muster. Why? You would think that the prospect of second-class citizenship would guarantee at least some sympathy among that class it targets? No. It may be that the support for "values" is being overplayed, because it doesn't explain many inconsistensies in the data.