10/20/2004 04:59:22 PM|||peter patnaik|||The line at the early voting venue was out the door. I can't imagine how long the wait is going to be on the second. My advice vote early,vote often! In blog news, I think a good friend of mine will be joining the writing force here at Honey, Where You Been So Long fairly soon and helping to maybe expand to other forms of blues and soul, but the site will still remain a prewar blues site.

That said, today's track is from the very end of the prewar era of blues. Rev. Utah Smith first recording career was from 1944-1953, and his style of guitar based gospel music mixed equal parts Willie Johnson and Blind Boy Fuller. I picked this track "Take a Trip" not because of his guitar playing, which on this track is okay, he has better tracks that show off his slide guitar skills. The thing I love about this track is the chorus handclap backing, that's totally awesome and very much anticipates the deep soul sound. It's a very lively and joyful gospel track that makes you equal part want to get up and dance as it spreads its message. Fans of that Rev. Charlie Jackson reissue from last year, take note.

  • Rev. Utah Smith - Take A Trip

  • |||109830758255354621|||Voting Line Blues