10/19/2004 02:19:08 PM|||peter patnaik|||For the British readers who wanted to know the shipping information for the mix cd, I forgot to ask when I was at the post office yesterday, but I will go today and email both of you back today and let you know the price. I will also post a note on the main ordering page about overseas shipping. It shouldn't be too bad, as these packages are pretty light.

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It is a very overcast and rainy day here in Greensboro, so instead of wallowing in the grayness of the day, here is a great piano duet track from two of the best piano players. Albert Ammons and Meade Lux Lewis recorded this track live at the first Blue Note recording session back in 1939. The track is Twos and Fews, the two players are in perfect sync through the recording, Ammons is the more forceful of the two and while he shines brighter on this track, I normally favor Lewis' work on a whole. Ammons and Lewis also represent a pure talent, they are not showing off on these recordings , as later the genre would fall into the hands of kids who would reduce it to musical masturbation, they are developing a sound that represents the move from rural Texas piano halls into the more urban Chicago jazz clubs and how the blues is relevant in both places.

  • Albert Ammons and Meade Lux Lewis - Twos and Fews

  • |||109821102875897493|||Twos and Fews