10/13/2004 03:01:42 PM|||peter patnaik|||I'm normally very skeptical about band reunions, but then new American Music Club album is really good. Eitzel's lyrics are as sharp as ever and the music is very assured and solid. I'm almost glad they took a break when they did, because I really dislike their last album.

I forgot to remind ya'll about my radio show last night, it was a lot of fun, I played a lot stuff I hadn't thought about it a long time. One of those tracks is featured today! I think it's fun, I'll play some track that I haven't heard in months, then it will be in my head for several days afterwards. It's like that quote from Shadow of a Doubt "Sometimes I get a tune in my head like that, and pretty soon I hear somebody else humming it too. I think tunes jump from head to head."

I posted "Them There Blues" by Bessie Smith way back in July, and it was received warmly. This track is one of her murder ballads, Them's Graveyard Words. I don't normally post murder ballads much, but I really think that Smith makes them more human and personal than other interpretations. She doesn't try to shock the listener or even plead with the listener, but to allow the listener understanding why she did the crime. Them's Graveyard Words features a man who beats her with a rocking chair (!) and tells Bessie about the other woman. Bessie gets her revenge, though as sure as 2 and 2 is four. Smith is accompanied by a great New Orleans dirge backing her song of sorrow and revenge.

  • Bessie Smith - Them's Graveyard Words

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