10/15/2004 01:06:20 PM|||peter patnaik|||I'm really excited that so many of you want the mix cds! I'll be shipping this first batch out on Monday so if you order over the weekend you still have time to make the first shipping batch. I'm guessing after this first initial push of orders it will slow down and I'll ship the same day when I get the order.

Today has two somewhat unrelated tracks, but both are really fantastic.

The first track is by one of the most famous bar-bands Chicago's Sundowners. This song "Sidewalks of Chicago" features some real awesome steel guitar and great harmonies. It's also such a great country tears-in-yr-beer track. Their collection on Bloodshot is worth every penny.

The Hem track is from their new album on Rounder. I the production is much grander and Sally's voice has really matured and become a lot more assured than it was on Rabbit Songs. This track is another great late-night bar track, it seems like a lot of people would have one last dance to this song before stumbling out of the bar and going their separate ways.

  • The Sundowners - Sidewalks Of Chicago

  • Hem - Dance With Me, Now Darling

  • |||109786190058679620|||The Sidewalks of Chicago10/15/2004 03:08:38 PM|||Anonymous|||Wow!

    That HEM tune is freaking amazing. Kinda like a less chilly Cowboy Junkies.

    I'm running out to buy the album now.10/16/2004 01:23:12 PM|||Anonymous|||I'm interested in one; how do I paypal you money?10/16/2004 08:19:52 PM|||peter patnaik|||paypal the money at pkpatnaik at gmail.com