10/7/2004 02:38:29 PM|||peter patnaik|||Apparently my roommate after hearing that he would have to make some expensive repairs to his car, went to our landlord's office and cussed them all out. This had three funny results. 1) A call to me from the secretary that said that they never want to see him again (but they will see him again at 4) and that he can be scary and rude. 2) our toilet was finally fixed. 3) They let it slip that they sold the building, that's why we had to move rather than the structural problems (if any) the building had.

I used to think that I liked songs about Blind Lemon Jefferson, than the man himself. I discovered later that Jefferson was a really amazing songwriter with a great and calming voice. It's hard to tell the origins of blues songs, but it seems that Blind Lemon Jefferson, wrote them all, much like Shakespeare, before anyone else had the chance to.

  • Blind Lemon Jefferson - Corrina Blues
  • |||109717604949690063|||See What You Have Done?10/8/2004 12:35:24 AM|||Richard|||So glad I discovered your mp3 blog. I love what you're doing. Love the music. It's got SOUL!

    I have a folk/world music mp3 blog called Tikun Olam. Come visit sometime.