10/27/2004 04:26:18 PM|||peter patnaik|||I guess their blogger server got jealous and kept giving me Document Contains No Data errors all afternoon. I'm still working on my new server hopefully it will be up soon, hopefully some people are able to get the mp3s this week.

Today's track is by one of the people I always overlook because I think everyone has heard enough by them so I don't need to promote them. But then everytime I do post tracks by the great blues legends everyone loves them, So I'm trying to cover all my bases and will try to post my favorite Robert Johnson, Charley Patton and others in the coming weeks. It's weird I know.

Today's legend is the great Bukka White. Born in Mississippi in 190X White's recording career started in the 1930s, but unlike a lot of the Mississippi blues musicians he was able to travel around the country and he picked up his style from other musicians and not just the delta sound. I'm always drawn first to White's amazing slide guitar. The sound of Slide on a steel guitar is really the best sound around and this train ballad, I think does a great job of capture both his guitar sound and his really great voice and lyrics.

  • Bukka White - Special Stream Line
  • |||109891141804370078|||Oh, Blogger. 10/27/2004 06:18:46 PM|||Anonymous|||Great pick. He is one of the best. Another essential Bukka White track, besides anything with Washboard Sam, is Parchman Farm Blues.

    Thanks for all your hard work, great taste, and abundant generosity.11/1/2004 10:38:07 AM|||steven|||Does this guys medallion make anyone else think of "Indiana Jones"?