10/6/2004 05:50:53 PM|||peter patnaik|||I thought the radio show last night went pretty well, I had some strange drunken requests for depressing songs, which I'm not sure if I should comply with. Now that I have moved and gotten somewhat settled in, I will be compiling the track list and cds this weekend. I'm going to have a permanent link (somehow) to a separate page just for the mix cd information sometime next week, So keep yr eyes and ears peeled for the latest news.

Today we are featuring another postwar track, this time from Elizabeth Cotten. Cotten, born right here in North Carolina was one of my main reasons for getting into blues music, and I still haven't found anything that's quite like her. Vocally she has the tenderness of Mississippi John Hurt but the guitar playing ability of Blind Blake. This song "Oh, Babe It Ain't No Lie" is one of my favorite tracks of all time, and I hope ya'll love it just as much.

  • Elizabeth Cotten - Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie

  • |||109710071372231204|||Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie10/7/2004 08:10:31 AM|||Anonymous|||that song is pretty amazing.10/12/2004 11:37:30 AM|||mrdantefontana|||Oh. Why haven't I heard this lady before? Very special. Thanks for sharing all this great early blues.