10/14/2004 04:04:48 PM|||peter patnaik|||I'm awful at making webpages, and for the life of me I can't figure out how to get rid of that space between the 12th and 13th and 14th tracks. Also I'm not sure how to add a space between the link to the track list and the Links section of my blog. For those who don't like to click links here is the track list:

Honey, Where You Been So Long?:
Volume 1 (22 May 2004 to 15 October 2004)

1. Pink Anderson - Every Day In The Week Blues
2. Charley Jordan - Keep It Clean
3. William Harris - Bullfrog Blues
4. Elizabeth Cotten - Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie
5. Willie Ford and Lucious Curtis - Payday
6. Aaron 'Pinetop' Sparks - Tell Her About Me
7. Leroy Carr - Blues Before Sunrise
8. Ma Rainey - Sleep Talking Blues
9. Sippie Wallace - The Man I Love
10 Leola Manning - Satan Is Busy in Knoxville
11. Tampa Red - Hellish Old Feeling
12. Elvie Thomas - Motherless Child Blues
13. Hollis 'Fat Head' Washington - Early In the Morning
14. Barbecue Bob - Easy Rider Don't You Deny My Name
15. King Solomon Hill - Gone Dead Train
16. Bessie Smith - Them "Had Been" Blues
17. Lonnie Johnson - Death Valley is Just Half Way To My Home
18. Peetie Wheatstraw - 304 Blues
19. Ruth Ladson - Who Do You Be?
20. Sara Martin - I Want Every Bit Of It, I Don't Like It Second Hand

I think it came together rather nicely,I love ending with that Sara Martin track. I tried to include all the types of blues I showcase on my blog with out focusing on one type so I hope ya'll enjoy it. I figure shipping should be about $1.50 so just paypal/send me money or something and I'll fire off a disc for ya. And I'll leave this up forever and ever so it's not a limited time offer by any means.

No update today beyond this, I need to run some errands and burn some CDs, I hope that ya'll order and enjoy the discs!
|||109778470865752854|||Mix CD Tracklist and Ordering Information3/1/2005 02:09:09 PM|||chinadoll140@juno.com|||This is Beatiful!!!!3/1/2005 02:09:59 PM|||chinadoll140@juno.com|||This is Beautiful!!!!