10/18/2004 01:30:01 PM|||peter patnaik|||I sent the weekend batch of mixes off this morning, hopefully ya'll will get them with great speed. Let me know how you like the mix, also. I'm going to send the next batch out of mixes on Wednesday or Thursday depending on my other work load. I'm still real exciting that so many of ya'll have order these mixes, thanks a bunch !

I first heard the guitar of Sylvester Weaver on a Sara Martin (standing) track a few years ago. His work was strong enough that I thought it was Lonnie Johnson ! Both Marion and Weaver are from Louisville and have done a number of really great tracks together. Weaver's solo material is almost if not all instrumental and this is his most famous instrumental "Guitar Rag" which was later adapted by country music as the famous "Steel Guitar Rag." Weaver's original has a tenderness that most guitar instrumentals lack, he isn't just showing off his considerable skills, but he's using the guitar to make a greater musical statement, a quality that even more well know player tend to brush off and just focus on showing their talent off. Weaver's simple yet beautiful slide guitar must be heard.

  • Sylvester Weaver - Guitar Rag

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