10/12/2004 11:33:37 AM|||peter patnaik|||The Mix CD track listing will be up later today, it's shaping out to be pretty awesome I think. Last night I had my first dream about the blog (I hope this a common thing) and it was pretty weird. What happened was that I was checking the comments on my blog and there were a whole lot of them, each had like 500 hyperlinks words and none of them made sense and there were pages and pages of them. Then I checked my email and it had the same thing. Then I woke up in a sweat, or in my bed. Or something. But it was pretty weird either way.

This was the track (I think) in my dream. I guess it was weird that I posted this track because it's not really indicative of Blind Willie McTell's style. East St. Louis Blues is a fine track regardless, it is his last recording for Vocalion and one of his very last proper studio recordings. It features classic Mctell guitar runs, but his voice is not as strong on this track as most of his other songs.

  • Blind Willie McTell - East St. Louis Blues

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