10/5/2004 03:26:53 PM|||peter patnaik|||Radio Show Tonight, streaming at www.wuag.net 9-11pm EST. Listen in or be square.
It will be a world weary show, as I'm pretty exhausted, but the new Hem album is making me feel very fall and wonderful. I'll put up some tracks from it this Friday.

I know I don't normally stray too far from postwar blues, but I ran across this track and I think it's wonderful. Mississippi John Hurt was one of the biggest names during the folk revival. This track was recorded at a show at Oberlin College in Ohio. Hurt's voice is wonderful and wise and his guitar playing doesn't feel like he's lost anything since the 30s. Wonderful and it feels a lot like fall to me, Since I've Laid My Burden Down.

  • Mississippi John Hurt - Since I've Laid My Burden Down
  • |||109700633343793980|||Live!10/6/2004 06:17:03 AM|||howard|||MJH is just amazing - his relationship to the music, the songs and the audience has always struck me as almost bemused, but statesman-like10/8/2004 02:54:10 AM|||Tuwa|||This man is awesome. Probably my favorite blues musician.