10/21/2004 07:36:29 PM|||peter patnaik|||Tomorrow is our big day! I'm throwing a 100th post party down here at Honey studios, feel free to stop by and have a drink. Sorry about the late post today, but it's like a bonus on Friday morning or something like that.

Today's track by one of my favorite guitar players, Furry Lewis. Lewis has one of the best guitar sounds in blues, it's very clean and precise, a method that draws from the blues as much as ragtime and that would define the Memphis blues scene. This track his Lewis' take on the Stagger Lee legend, and it is my favorite (even over Mississippi John Hurts!) because of the amazing guitar playing and the balance that he brings to the ballad and also that it is not overly violent as a lot of the versions are.

  • Furry Lewis - Billy Lyons and Stackolee
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