10/4/2004 01:12:25 PM|||peter patnaik|||The move went rather smoothly, but we didn't seriously enough at the start, so we had to really hurry to get everything moved by five. The new place is starting out pretty badly as our toilet leaks...but just sometimes and it runs almost all the time. I wonder how long it is going to take them to fix it? I'm guessing at least a week.

(Blackwell is standing, Carr sitting)

Finally, a fresh update! Leroy Carr has always been one of my favorite piano players (Clarence Williams and Blind John Davis and maybe Peetie Wheatstraw coming before him), but haven't been able to get my hands on any of his material until recently. This track recorded way back in 1934 with Scrapper Blackwell, whose guitar playing is always overshadowed by Carr's piano, shines wonderfully on this track "Blues Before Sunrise." Carr is in rare form, singing a painful blues song, a form that he always excelled at, but did not record as much as his looser and faster songs that are real good, but lack the personal power of his more somber tracks.

  • Leroy Carr - Blues Before Sunrise

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