9/7/2004 02:37:39 PM|||peter patnaik|||I'm not going to rant, but simply - college kids don't know what professionalism is. Apparently, it had been decided I was to lose my radio show in favor of a shitty punk politics show before they had even talked to me if it was okay. So as a result, they are trying to figure how to fix this issue, I will not being doing a radio show this evening.

Also I have a Request. I Am looking for a copy of Jim Jackson's Kanasas City Blues (or anything else by Jim Jackson) email me at pkpatnaik at gmail.com if you have any info.

Recently I have been going back and discovering some artists I had never really paid much attention to for various reasons and I stumbled across this gem of a murder ballad. I don't usually post murder ballads, because I think a lot of people just try to typecast the blues as spooky, devil music. But maybe I'm just being unfair.

I posted a Charley Jordan track "Keep It Clean" a few weeks back, which features some great word play and unique vocal phrasing. This track "Cutting My ABC's" describes a shocking attack by Jordan on his cheating/mistreatin' wife. It is frank and unremorseful and just a brutal torture.

  • Charley Jordan - Cutting My ABC's

  • |||109458459961570571|||Why College Radio Sucks. 9/7/2004 05:15:10 PM|||Gretchen|||coincidentally, I just popped in to drop you a link to a great show I heard on a college-based (but not college-run) radio station this weekend:
    Blues & jazz - a few decades later than your focus, but similarly eclectic, and I heard a few real gems in just the couple hours I was tuned in.

    best of luck with your show.
    --g9/8/2004 12:34:21 AM|||Tuwa|||I hope you get your show back. I'm sure it's good; your mp3 selection is.9/9/2004 10:36:39 AM|||steven|||Sucks about this mishaps at the radio station. I hope everything gets worked out. At the very worst you can set up your own pirate radio station on a neighboring frequency and drown them out?