9/22/2004 03:17:49 PM|||peter patnaik|||I'm hunting for apartments, so here is a quick dirty blues track by Bernice Edwards.

This is also serving as the open post, so post yr suggested tracks for the mix cd in the comments secition or email through out the week and weekend.

  • Bernice Edwards - Butcher Shop Blues

  • |||109588270977897359|||Sex and Mix CDs9/23/2004 02:44:47 PM|||Anonymous|||For the mixtape: during the time I've been following, I really like Payday, Keep It Clean, Cutting My ABC's, If I Had My Way, Maggie Campbell Blues and Big Leg Woman Gets My Pay. Also the Willie Johnson version of John The Revelator, but that's pretty common. In general, I prefer the country guitar blues over the piano/woman blues, but that's just my personal taste.

    At any rate, you're doing a fantastic job with this blog. Keep it up.