9/17/2004 03:38:51 PM|||peter patnaik|||I think we've found an apartment, so hopefully this moving process won't be too promblematic. I'm pretty excited this week is over and I have the Greensboro Fair, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and Bergman's Through the Glass Darkly to look forward to this weekend.

I still have some apartments to look at this afternoon so a quick and bitter update.

The Coup had a brief stint in stardom with their last album cover was to depict the blowing up of the World Trade Center Towers. Back in 93, they released their first album filled with socialist rhetoric and great beats. I liked this era Coup, when they still had E Roc than their later day material.

  • The Coup - Kill My Landlord

  • |||109545071146867196|||People Get Ready