9/20/2004 02:02:10 PM|||peter patnaik|||I thought this cold weather was just a byproduct of Ivan, apparently not. I'm not all that sad about leaving this apartment anymore ,as apparently it's pretty damn drafty. This weekend went pretty well, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is really awesome and features some great visuals, but I thought the climax was a bit underwhelming.

After many requests for information, I finally found a Jim Jackson track the other day. The tune is from Charley Patton's Poor Me and the lyrics run through a whole hosts of blues lines from a lot of different songs. What I like about the track is Jackson's classic blues voice, a bit rougher than Mississippi John Hurt, but not as broken as Patton's. Jackson recorded really early in the blues cycle, making his first record in 1927 after a long period of playing shows and touring. Jackson was very prominent in the blues circuit and played with such people as Frank Stokes (!), Memphis Jug Band and helped influence Furry Lewis and Charley Patton (who in turned covered several Jim Jackson songs).

  • Jim Jackson - My Monday Woman Blues

  • |||109570453068051789|||My Monday Woman Blues