9/30/2004 04:20:48 PM|||peter patnaik|||The move is still going well. I've moved almost all the small things out of apartment, so Sunday with the UHaul shouldn't take too much time. The power and 'net *should* be on by Saturday, so there might not be any downtime.

Another quick update, i hope ya'll don't mind. I think I've only posted one track with a strong harmonica part, Sonny Terry's Fox Hound Blues? I think. Regardless in an attempt to fix the wrongs, here is an instrumental track by one of the best harmonica players, DeFord Bailey's Up Country Blues.

  • DeFord Bailey - Up Country Blues

  • |||109657689046007212|||The Move, Day Two10/1/2004 05:54:10 PM|||Anonymous|||thanks for posting deford baily.
    he's one of the only things that makes me proud of being from nashville!