9/29/2004 02:07:25 PM|||peter patnaik|||I'm starting to move my stuff to the new place, very slowly. Today my records, books and stereo are making the move. My CDs will be next if I have some energy and then maybe my den. I'll still upload a track during this process, but they'll be fairly brief. I should be back to normal starting next Monday, providing I have the internet. Also I'll be reusing older rips as my cds are in various stages of being packed.

I haven' much information on Lille Mae Kirkman, besides that this track was recorded in 1939 and she sounds a lot like Victoria Spivey, Memphis Slim, I think plays piano on this track. It's a fun track and this line is just great:

People people, I found my type of man at last
And he's just my size, and he ain't too doggone fast

  • Lille Mae Kirkman - He's Just My Size
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