9/21/2004 02:50:58 PM|||peter patnaik|||Tonight I'll be on the radio from 9-11pm EST, the station streams at www.wuag.net and it will be a lot of fun. I've noticed that the local reception to my show has been steadily improving over the past few weeks, I think the earlier time is a lot easier for people to listen in.

Mix CD news: the prototypes for the casing are done and look really swell. I had thought to compile both music I've posted and stuff I haven't posted but judging by the comments most people rather have a real "Best Of" mix of the blog. I will start an open post tomorrow calling for suggestions of tracks to put on the mix and have that post run through the weekend for those who can't leave comments feel free to email me track suggestions. I'd like to have the open post always at the top of the page, but I'm not sure if that's possible, so hopefully those people who check the page weekly are able to find the posts.

Doretha Trowbridge was oft rumored to be several different people, most likely Dorothy Baker or Roosevelt Sykes' wife or girlfriend. She has a very unique voice, one that often seems like she hasn't been train, but that she just feels her way around the song. It also features a great broken quality to it that allows for all the technical issue fall away. Her amazing accompaniment by Pinetop Sparks also make Trowbridge one of the finest singers and interpreter of the blues.

  • Doretha Trowbridge - Bad Luck Blues (LINK FIXED)

  • |||109579464465937257|||Mix CD Update and Radio Show9/21/2004 09:10:39 PM|||Anonymous|||hey, Peter.... as usual, i work late on Tuesday nights... i really wish i could catch this. play something danceable for me though...

    -spoon9/21/2004 10:51:08 PM|||Tuwa|||404 on that track.

    And you post some great tracks, thanks.9/22/2004 08:24:55 AM|||peter patnaik|||thanks!

    link should be fixed