9/27/2004 01:30:55 PM|||peter patnaik|||Sorry about the lack of updates, I've been busy packing and dealing with the landlord about the move, which will occur this Friday, so I dunno if the internet people will be able to come and turn me back on before Monday, so Honey might get off to a slow - post-move start.

The Drive By Truckers were amazing on Saturday, and the show was a lot of fun. The versions of Cottenseed, People on the Moon and Sink Hole were my favorites of the evening. They pulled out some old songs like Nine Bullets, but only a couple of tracks from Southern Rock Opera which was sad. Allison Moorer, who I like a lot opened up, but her set was pretty boring and one note.

whistling' Alex Moore was a great piano player who is mostly known for his great heavy voice and his ability to improvise both piano themes and lyrics. I first heard Moore on a collection of old Columbia sides and wasn't very impressed with performance. This track comes from a later session (1947) and shows a great development in the sound and presence of Moore's piano and voice over the years. Moore was later 're-discovered' and toured during the revival during the 60s. His work during that time, is surprisingly good and while his voice had broken some, his piano playing was still very solid and nimble. He died in 1989 (making him around 100) in his sleep on a city bus in Texas.

This track Alex's Rag (1947) shows off Moore's unmatched barrellhouse piano playing with several just amazing parts, and some humming by Moore that gives the recorded a very light yet pretty awe-inspiring look at his music.

  • Alex Moore - Alex's Rag

  • |||109630811595118495|||It's Been A Long Time Cousin.