9/16/2004 06:11:45 PM|||peter patnaik|||I had a meeting with my landlord today and they are gutting my apartment building next month. So I need a place to stay (2 bedroom) in the Greensboro area. Apparently that roof leak was the last straw and they are kicking everyone out soon. So that's what I dealt with today.

Thanks for all the comments about the mix CD. Apparently not everyone can leave comments in the comments section, so if that has been a problem just send me a short email. Judging from the comments I'm going to get working on this in the next week or so, but it might be delayed a bit because of the move.

I've posted about Gary Davis before. I'm using his track "If I Had My Way." out of context to channel my anger about my building. bleh.

  • Rev. Gary Davis - If I Had My Way
  • |||109537450343766498|||I'd Tear This Building Down.