9/15/2004 05:49:46 PM|||peter patnaik|||Because EarthLink's policy of billing me for dial-up internet usage, for no real reason, I have been given a "secret" telephone number that puts me at the head of the support line. This came in handy because despite the previous attempts to fix the billing issue Earthlink has continued to charge me for dial up internet access, I once again had to call and get the 50! bucks they wanted me to pay removed from my account. What I'm trying to say is that this new number is hott.

I'm thinking about either making a Honey, where You Been So Long Greatest Hits Mix, but I want to gauge interest in it before I plan any further. They will be free, just pay shipping to where ever you are. Let me know either in the comments section or by email (pkpatnaik at gmail.com) if you'd be interested.

Victorica Spivey was one of the best selling artist during the height of female blues popularity. Between 1927-1930 she recorded almost once a month and worked with the very best from Lonnie Johnson and Clarence Williams to Louis Armstrong and other jazz greats. I like Spivey a lot for her unique and sultry voice, that convoys sexiness and heartbreak often in the same breath. I have some what of obsession with TB blues songs, and this track "Dirty TB Blues" features an amazing blues arrangement and Spivey's hushed sadness and anger.

  • Victoria Spivey - Dirty TB Blues

  • |||109528702607874568|||I <3 EarthLink (OH!)9/16/2004 03:44:30 AM|||Anonymous|||I'd love a Greatest Hits Mix -- I think that's a great idea.

    M o I9/16/2004 12:41:19 PM|||Anonymous|||I as well would like the greatest hits mix9/16/2004 02:23:28 PM|||Mark|||I would definitely be interested in the Greatest Hits Mix.

    oakroom.blogspot.com9/16/2004 06:03:05 PM|||Anonymous|||toph here - A mix sounds good to me too. Go for it!9/21/2004 01:38:31 AM|||Anonymous|||I would like one too. Are you going to choose by what has been downloaded the most? What if some of the really great songs were a long time back? Well we all trust you.
    Annette9/21/2004 01:52:06 AM|||peter patnaik|||I don't really have anyway to gauge how many times a track is downloaded(that i know of) the idea was that I was going to pick some and then maybe have an open post(kos-style) were ya'll can suggest songs. We at Honey, Where You Been So Long studios did make some awesome mockups of the packaging this evening, it's going to look real nice hopefully.