9/8/2004 01:56:26 PM|||peter patnaik|||The excess rain from Francis has expose five or six problems with the roof in my apartment. Here is the official transcript of my call to my landlord.

Peter: Hi, This is Peter Patnaik from your XXXX Building apt B-4
Lady: Hi, What seems to be the problem.
Peter: The my ceiling has started to leak because of the excessive rain.
Lady: Oh yea, I bet they are all doing that. hahaha
Lady: I'll put the order in, do you have any pots to put under the leaks?
Peter: of course
Lady: Just do that and we'll have some one out sometime this week. hahaha
Peter: Well. Um. Okay. Thanks.

The only good news is that the leaks aren't over my bed or computer and that the rain seems to be slowing down some. Her laughter about sent me over the edge, though. I'm sure the blackening skies are a good sign for less rain for the rest of the day, right?

Mary Johnson came to fame by touring with and later marrying Lonnie Johnson. Although they never recorded together, Lonnie's influence was definitely felt through Mary's recordings. This track "Dawn of the Day Blues" features a virtually unknown piano player, Judson Brown, doing his best Lonnie Johnson barrelhouse piano impression, and a very skilled one at that, and the amazing Tampa Red on guitar. The play between Brown and Red is impressive and Mary Johnson easily keeps up with them. Great rainy day blues track.

  • Mary Johnson - Dawn of the Day Blues
  • |||109466402664076703|||Hole In The Ceiling Blues9/8/2004 04:28:18 PM|||rawj|||you can never really get tired of hearing the blues, especially if you're in the mood for it.9/9/2004 09:27:41 PM|||Anonymous|||I hope the events in your life will start running in the direction you want. It does not sound like your happiest week. Thanks for the music.