9/10/2004 01:36:10 PM|||peter patnaik|||Sorry about yesterday, I had to do a lot of traveling and I wasn't near a computer until very late in the evening. But hopefully the fun tracks this afternoon will let me back in ya'lls hearts.

Also, I'm still looking for some tracks by Jim Jackson, so anyone has some, pass them along, please!

I posted a track from Devendra Banhart's new album during my top 10 of 2004 list a few weeks back and a couple of people commented on how much they liked it. So I'm posting a few more tracks by him today. The first one is "Surgery I Stole" from his first album, Oh Me Oh MY... The recording sessions that made up that album and the later Black Babies UK EP are from his home demo recordings, and feature very lo-fi recording values and softer vocal tracks. I might prefer his earlier recordings for the lack of pretense that seeps through his later recordings.The second track "Little Yellow Spider" is from his upcoming LP Nino Rojo, which compiled from the leftovers of his earlier LP's recording session. Nino Rojo as a whole feels a lot like leftovers and lots of samey sounding songs, but features a few stand out tracks, such as this one.

  • Devendra Banhart - Surgery I Stole

  • Devendra Banhart - Little Yellow Spider

  • |||109484011012956921|||And The Snake Holds A Knife