9/1/2004 01:04:36 PM|||peter patnaik|||I hope some of ya'll had a chance to check out my show last night, it went really well, though I think the stupid CD player scratched up one of my CD's, in a nice perfect crescent shape. Apparently a lot of local people were listening, because the phone was ringing off the hook, which never ever happens.

Beyond even Son House, Sara Martin is my favorite blues singer. She worked with the best, and her was the best. Martin peaked however towards the end of female blues singers being a popular draw, and never really achieved the fame she deserved.

Mistreating Man Blues, was recorded in her last recording session and features an amazing array of session players. Martin, was in top form and the Clarence Williams Orchestra had never been better, featuring King Olive and Cyrus St. Clair in addition to Williams himself. One of my favorite blues tracks, and sadly one of the last she recorded.

  • Sara Martin - Mistreating Man Blues

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