8/16/2004 01:53:11 PM|||peter patnaik|||Sorry for the lack of a Friday post blow out. I hope everyone gets a chance to listen to the Sunnyland Slim tracks I posted last week they kept me warm as the low pressure front moved in over Greensboro.

Today's track comes from a great series of recordings made by Alan Lomax in 1940. Lomax traveled through Mississippi this year (and through out America and the World later in life) recording some of the blues musicians and prisoners and anyone else could play guitar. One of the more interesting tracks is this one by Willie Ford (vox/guitar) and Lucious Curtis (guitar) recorded in Natchez. The guitar playing style is more akin to the Piedmont country and blues style more than Mississippi or Delta style. It is a sad song about the economic conditions and the family stress that occurs because of it - a great but somber piece

  • Willie Ford and Lucious Curtis - PayDay
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