8/23/2004 03:17:27 PM|||peter patnaik|||Bleh. You'd think that i'd learn about when/why blogspot will deleted your post. But I haven't. The gist of it was as follows:

1) Drive By Truckers - Dirty South comes out tommorow
2) Rounder Records could be a lot better if they tried harder
3) Blues In the Mississippi Night, should not have snippets of tracks between the interviews and the music.
4. Sonny Boy and Memphis Slim are amazing together, and this track, recorded live by Alan Lomax, sounds a lot better than their studio recordings because it has that passion that the studio takes away from a lot of blues preformers.

  • Memphis Slim and Sonny Boy Williamson - I Could Hear MY Name Ringin'
  • |||109329068774906713|||Wedding Cakes8/23/2004 05:15:46 PM|||Gretchen|||just out of curiosity -- did you figure out why they deleted your post? do you mean you hit a technical glitch, or someone actually took it down? thanks,
    g8/23/2004 10:17:47 PM|||peter patnaik|||it was a tech glitch. i always hit preview and then hit the back button and it goes away.8/23/2004 11:15:46 PM|||Gretchen|||oh good (I don't mean for you). i thought they were starting to knock down mp3 posts. maybe you should try writing in a text doc and then pasting into blogger -- it's saved me a lot of heartache.

    your site's really awesome, by the way. a company I used to work for published a kinda heartbreaking book about skip james about ten years ago - devil got my woman. do you know it? you should look it up if not - the writer was a heartbreak all his own, and it's an odd mix of biography & memoir.8/24/2004 01:07:18 PM|||Anonymous|||Just wanted to say, you post some great tracks. --Tuwa8/24/2004 03:40:38 PM|||peter patnaik|||thanks for all the warm comments!

    i don't know why i haven't thought about just cut and pasting my blog posts, but i am going to start doing that.

    also thanks for the book recc. i woefully haven't read too many of the great blues autobiographies, but i am always on the look out for which ones i should read.