8/30/2004 01:04:26 PM|||peter patnaik|||I got a free HIDDEN counter to keep all ya'll in check. The results from the first couple of days, most of friday, saturday and sunday, are shocking in fact. Here are my conclusions:

1) Lots of random sites I never knew about have links to me. Email me at pkpatnaik at gmail and I'll put up a link to yr site.

2) Those sites that compile RSS feeds from mp3 blogs are pretty awesome, but I bet the days I don't start off talking about the song, I get less hits.

3) speaking of hits, I get a fair amount of hits, I'm shocked and happy.

4) I'm the only opera user.

5) I'm the only linux user.

6) The East Coast Loves Me.

7) Re_Invigorate is the best counter ever.

Before Charley Patton, Son House, Robert Johnson and William Harris there was Tommy Johnson. Johnson a man of legend ,was reported to have sold his soul to the devil to give him his guitar playing talent. Either that, or he was just born with the talent. Johnson's style gave birth to the Delta Blues style that Son House , et al would later perfect. There is a certain power behind Johnson's voice on this track - Maggie Campbell. It's not like Son House's boom of a voice, but it's a voice that draws from some part of the body that most people must not have and pushes itself out. These are haunting blues for me, something seems very surreal and foreboding to me. This track was recording during Johnson's second recording session for Victor Records in February 1928. Charlie McCoy plays second guitar on the track, Johnson would disappear at the end of 1929.

  • Tommy Johnson - Maggie Campbell
  • |||109388690656768828|||Stats and Facts. 8/30/2004 04:53:27 PM|||Alan Williamson|||hey peter, check out www.technorati.com - just type in your url and it spits out just about everyone who is linking to you.

    alan8/31/2004 11:47:23 PM|||matt_the_cat|||of course the east coast loves ya-where else can i get my blues fix?Thankx for being here.9/5/2004 06:26:44 PM|||Anonymous|||You are so not the only Opera user reading this blog..


    (Opera User)