8/24/2004 03:09:22 PM|||peter patnaik|||Two reminders:

1) Drive By Truckers - The Dirty South was released today, and my first impression of it so far, is that it is amazing. Godamn lonely Love and Where The Devil Don't Stay are some of their best tracks so far and I can't wait til I see them live with Allison Moorer in a few weeks.

2) I will be doing a radio show tonight from 9-11 EST at www.uncg.edu/wua (click the streaming link) be sure to check it out, last weeks I thought was one of my better shows, so I have high hopes for this one.

For the next couple of days I'll be posting some accapella blues tracks and field recordings that I love so dearly. I'm starting of with a man named Hollis "Fat-Head" Washington, who Alan Lomax recorded in 1939 at the Parchman Penitentiary in Mississippi. Nothing is know about him and this was the only track he was able to record - his song speaks of oppression and a lonely hunger for freedom. It is an incredibly moving number.

  • Hollis "Fat Head" Washington - Early In The Morning (FIXED!)
  • |||109337641845722542|||Radio Show Tonight! 9-11 EST8/27/2004 05:33:07 PM|||Anonymous|||Hi,

    I just recently became a fan of your Blog, because I love old jazz and blues. I have noticed however, that on this "Fat Head" track, along with several others, I am unable to download the file, even if I track it down to its source host-site. The reason for this, I believe, is that the files are not named correctly to allow downloading. For example, some of the song file names you have posted in the past use characters such as a ? or a /, and both of these characters are ones that (at least with my version of Windows) files cannot be named. Since my computer (and probably others) cannot recognize these characters, I am unable to download several of the great songs you have posted. The only other possible reason that I can think there may be a problem is if there are spaces in the file name (as it is uploaded to your host-sites). I hope that this all makes sense. I appreciate anything you can do to fix this, but since it is your site, I also respect however you want to run things. Thanks!


    (ps-if you do change it, I'll send you a couple of neat tracks as a sign of my gratitude - hopefully you won't already have them)