8/19/2004 03:06:22 PM|||peter patnaik|||This might be the first year that I've followed the olympics so closely and it has been some great fun. Last night's mens gymnastics contest was some of the best sports I have ever seen. So good.

I am watching Deception on TCM right now, so this will be a quick be great update.

Casey Bill Weldon was one of the most unique and highly talented guitar players of the era. This track "I Believe I'll Make A Change" opens up with a great steel guitar opening by Weldon and the song allows Black Rob, Big Bill and Charlie McCoy to show off their chops as Weldon sings and brings everything together. This is one of the better larger group blues songs that i've heard.

  • Casey Bill Weldon - I Believe I'll Make A Change

  • |||109294304263417038|||Promise Me That You'll Never Never Think Of Me Again