8/31/2004 03:22:04 PM|||peter patnaik|||Radio Show Tonight!!!
9-11 EST - www.uncg.edu/wua listen up or be square.

Thanks everyone for the wonderful emails, I'll be adding links and information through out the week, so don't fret. Also thanks those willing to share some great music with me, I'd love to hear even more!

Tech Note. Apparently windows users are having a hard time with some of my files. They play fine, but save as MPEG files rather than MP3 files, which should play in winamp, but might not play on all computers. I think I have fixed the problem, by switching to another rip/encoding program. This Blind Willie Johnson track should be a test to make sure everyone can hear the music no matter what their platform is.

Someone posted a nice comment about how wonderful this version of John The Revelator is, and I tend to agree, Blind Willie Johnson's voice is something that can never be duplicated (no matter how hard Wim Wenders tries) and is certainly not comparable to anything else. One of his last tracks recorded before his death, Johnson certainly has no fear of dying.

  • Blind Willie Johnson - John The Revelator

  • |||109398072436834010|||John The Revelator (Redux)