8/18/2004 01:16:20 PM|||peter patnaik|||This past week or so has been pretty awesome for new music. I picked up the new Fiery Furances album, and after a few reservations about the opening track, i really love this album. Also, New Delgados and Giant Sand (!) leaked and they both will be featured quite hight on my end of year list.

Last Night's show went real well i thought, one of the best blues sets i've done. I played a lot of stuff i hadn't played in a long time and played some real goofy Charley Jordan and Tampa Red songs.

The Charley Jordan song I can't get out of my head. The chorus of "Give 'em Coca-Cola, lemon soda, saucer of ice cream, take soap and water to keep it clean. There isn't a whole lot of information about Jordan. He was shot in 1924 which left him paralazied from the waist down. Despite that he recorded a lot and traveled some with Peetie Wheatstraw. He sounds a bit like Bo Carter, but isn't as vulgar or over the top.

  • Charley Jordan - Keep It Clean

  • |||109285052528899096|||Got An Uncle...I Never Got To Know. 8/18/2004 03:07:15 PM|||Anonymous|||I like it! is there more like this available for simple access?
    Thanks for your taste.