8/17/2004 03:05:32 PM|||peter patnaik|||Handball is the sport of the future, it takes the best aspects from hockey, soccer and basketball and makes them into something perfect. NBC needs to show this sport during prime-time every night, really.

One of my favorite local prewar blues musicians is Sonny Terry. Often only heard with partner Brownie McGee, Terry's unusual and wonderful voice is something amazing that should be heard more of. Terry uses his voice much to mimic his harmonica playing - a very shrill and fast voice that draws heavily from the country tradition of voices mimicking violin sounds (c.f Texas Gladden), it is a voice that takes some getting use to, but is well worth exploring.

This track - New Love Blues features a great washboard and guitar backing for Terry's amazing vocal and harmonica work. The sound is firmly in the Piedmont Blues traditions, it's up beat tempo and country influenced guitar work make it feel right at home here in North Carolina.

  • Sonny Terry - New Love Blues

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