8/12/2004 03:27:18 PM|||peter patnaik|||It's 72 degrees and rainy in Greensboro today. I could think of about fifty better weather conditions. It doesn't seem like we are going to get the full force of these guys, so that's good, but the constant downpour of rain for the next week is going to drain my energy quick.

Sunnyland Slim is one of the most important figures in the development of the Chicago Blues. Heavily influenced by the Boogie Woogie greats like Mead Lux Lewis as well as Chicago and St. Louis Pianist like Peetie Wheatstraw and Pinetop Sparks, Slim added his own unique jazzy take on these blues styles and created something that retained the mood and feeling of jazz with a song structure rooted in blues tradition but a style that is more like early r'n'b then anything else.

Slim started out backing up people like Ma Rainey and other blues singers in Memphis before moving up to Chicago to become one of the best known session players since Lonnie Johnson, on his way up to Chicago he brought his friend Muddy Waters who quickly signed to Chess Records.

I Done You Wrong, is one of the best examples of Slim's talent. A creeping piano land and sleazy horns back his confessions to his girl. When I Was Young, is a typical Chicago Blues track with a great horn section and impeccable rhythm, it also features some of my favorite Sunnyland Slim piano work on it - great dancing track.

  • Sunnyland Slim - I Done You Wrong

  • Sunnyland Slim - When I Was Young (Shake It Girl)
  • |||109233985877474836|||Charley and Bonnie (Shake It Girl)