8/26/2004 03:10:20 PM|||peter patnaik|||Apparently my CD player just won't read the two discs I tried extract tracks from yesterday. This turned out to be a good thing, actually because I discovered that I love Son House's alternative take of John The Revelator more than the standard version.

Son House has a special place in my heart, because after a long trip to Chicago, I randomly picked up his complete 1965 recordings at the Jazz Mart, and fell in love with his music and blues in general. By 1965, House's guitar playing skills had faltered, and it was becoming increasingly harder to understand the lyrics - but his voice said everything for him. That sound that I heard for the first time driving back from the airport - made me understand the quality about the blues that I had always misunderstood or avoided. That the blues were not just about sadness, but about expression and freedom in the midst of circumstances (the blues) that try to oppress them.

  • Son House John The Revelator (Alt. Take)

  • |||109354982046524085|||Blessing. 8/26/2004 05:09:17 PM|||Anonymous|||Have you heard the version of "John The Revaltor" on "The Anthology of American Folk Music"?

    Gives me chills every time I hear it.

    =darwin8/30/2004 01:36:27 PM|||peter patnaik|||Blind Willie Johnson's verison's on Anth. of Folk, is real intersting, especially as the second to last song he recorded. I can't really compare Son House and Blind Willie's songs though, it's just too hard. Blind Willie's Johnson's voice, though. God. i can hear that voice some 10 mins after the song is over.9/5/2004 06:29:57 PM|||Anonymous|||Yeah, I really like the count pointer-count of Willie Johnson's gravel growl with the falsetto female voice.

    I don't know exactly what this song is about, but you're exactly right. When I first hear Johnson's version, I had it stuck in my head for days.