8/10/2004 03:26:18 PM|||peter patnaik|||Well, I'm back from my extended hiatus. The first big news is that my radio show from here on out will be at 9-11 EST on Tuesday nights. Also that I will be doing my show from here on out.

In sadder news. I lost my wallet on Saturday! Included in the loss: License, Registration, 30 Dollar J. Crew Gift Card, School ID, School Copy Card (with like 8 dollars on it) and Credit Card. The worst part about it, is that the person who took it didn't use any of the card, but didn't return it. If I stole someone's wallet I'd at least return the wallet if I wasn't going to use the cards for a short lived spending spree. bleh.

Skip James is widely known for his delta blues guitar playing as well as for writing "Devil Got My Woman." During that famous 1931 session he also record a few piano tracks that are equal if not better to his delta blues style guitar tracks.

22-20 Blues is a "cover" version of Roosevelt Sykes' .44 Blues, cover being in quotes because the recording studio would want its artist to record similarly themed songs as what ever was big at the time, later soul singers would be doing the same thing. Robert Johnson's 32-20 blues was recorded in this same vein as well and then that was followed by songs by Johnny Temple and Joe McCoy. The basic tune in this track is from Leroy Carr's How Long How Long, but a lot faster juke joint dance worthy. James' footstomps along with his vocal preformace make this one of his best tracks.

  • Skip James - 22-20 Blues

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