8/2/2004 03:23:07 PM|||peter patnaik|||Another Rainy weekend here, but today seems cooler - but I see that it is suppose to rain again this evening, bleh. In blog news I've started blogging with Firefox rather than opera and not only does my page not looked messed up, but there are a host a fun options to mess around with that opera apparently doesn't show up.

But to turn my and the collective Greensboro spirits around I'm posing some great banjo songs by local folks.

The first track is by Joe Thompson and Tommy Thompson called Love Somebody, which adapted from the popular Scottish tune - soldiers Joy. Joe plays a energetic fiddle - and Tommy plays clawhammer banjo. The sound is great - each instrument accompany the other perfectly.

Next is John Snipes with "Going Away From Home." This song really changed my view on the banjo. Previously I had only heard bluegrass banjo and Dock Boggs, but Snipes' clawhammer banjo sounds more soulful and natural than anyone I've heard. One of the best.

  • Joe Thompson and Odell (Tommy) Thompson - Love Somebody

  • John Snipes - Going Away From Home

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