7/14/2004 01:57:20 PM|||peter patnaik|||I had to make an late night unexpected (though much regreted) trip to the Twin Cities last night, and thus missed my radio show, yet again. Hopefully i won't get fired.

Also, I am looking for a cheap (read: free) webspace storage to upload songs too instead of the billion free earthlink accounts i'm using now. drop me a line at pkpatnaik at gmail.

Today I am posting a track recorded by Alan Lomax in 1936 at the Parchman Penitentiary, Mississippi. Frank Evans, who not much is known about, the track is real good and features Evans' unusal sounding guitar (almost like casey bill weldon) and great vocals. the recording sounds like it gets cut off, but it just stops really studdeningly.

  • Frank Evans - Red River Blues
  • |||108982892080776840|||Winston-Salem