7/30/2004 02:30:40 PM|||peter patnaik|||Tales of Symphonia is ripping my life apart.

The Tom Robinson Band was a late 70s early 80's one hit wonder pub rock band with smart lyrics and a great front man in Tom Robinson. They had one really great hit, off a really great album - but it's easy to see why they were limited to that one hit. Their other albums didn't come close to their debut, but i can't get any of their songs out of my head.

I just have to pose 2-4-6-8 Motorway, one of the best fist pumping songs that bruce springsteen didn't write and the equally rocking Long Hot Summer that's perfect for the end of summer. It's a Dance Party.

  • The Tom Robinson Band - 2-4-6-8 Motorway

  • The Tom Robinson Band - Long Hot Summer

  • |||109121368079390921|||The Tom Robinson Band8/2/2004 02:05:50 PM|||Phil|||One hit wonder? Am I the only one here who remembers "Glad to Be Gay"?8/2/2004 03:06:37 PM|||AKMA|||Me, I'm still looking around for "1967 (Seems So Long Ago)" on mp3, the affecting Secret Police version rather than the affected later-career version. . . .8/2/2004 03:35:12 PM|||peter patnaik|||i didn't think glad to be gay became a big hit, but alas.