7/16/2004 01:38:29 PM|||peter patnaik|||

Capping off a good week here at Honey, Where You Been So Long, with some roots reggae by the name of Johnny Clarke. I'm not a huge fan of reggae or dub (though i really like a few people) but i really love Johnny Clarke. One of the best vocalists, regardless of genre, Clarke's voice is so smooth and powerful making every song a call to action.

The Two tracks I'm posting are two of his very best. The first is a cover of "Declaration of Rights" oringally done by he Abyssinians, whose verison is sadder and less a call to arms as Clarke's. The production by Bunny Lee is very solid and features one of the best session bands around. The Second Track is "Enter His Gates With Praise" another Lee produced, was the first reggae song i heard that really made me jump to hit repeat on my cd player and listen to about eight times in a row.

  • Johnny Clarke - Declaration of Rights

  • Johnny Clarke - Enter Into His Gates With Praise

  • |||109000058965271133|||Rockers Time Now7/18/2004 12:51:20 AM|||Anonymous|||I've recently been going back and listening to The Clash, and finding much of it very relevant to these perilous times. There's nothing like public service announcements "with guitar", or in this case, with a reggae beat. We must continue to "Rock the Vote." Kerry-Edwards definitely rocks more than Bush-Cheney. Know your rights.