7/12/2004 01:32:23 PM|||peter patnaik|||I had a really good weekend, on saturday i went to the Dwell House in Pittboro, NC (www.thedwellhouse.com for the open house - it was really intersting to see one of these model houses in real life and to see that modular housing doesn't have to be awful.

I'm in a pretty playful mood, so today's track is by Jim Clark and it's a dance number with a great call and response section called "Fat Fanny Stomp." I haven't found a lot of information about Jim Clark, he was a jump blues piano player, from the midwest (i'll guess the st.louis area) and he played as a session player for a number of singers. The track is really simple, but will make you wanna get up and shake that fat fanny. turn it up real loud, folks.

  • Jim Clark - Fat Fanny Stomp

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