7/26/2004 03:27:29 PM|||peter patnaik|||I hope that everyone had a good weekend - great weather in Greensboro this weekend, i could have spent the whole time outside.

I have really unfairly ignored one of my favorite blues singers here on the blog. Alberta Hunter, one of the earliest and most important blues singers of all time, started out like many other blues singers by doing cabaret. Actually, most of her money was made doing those shows - and not recording. Luck for us she dhttp://gmail.google.com/gmailid record many of the songs that made her stage show so famous. Hunter was one of the best, and likewise she worked with the best. Her band lists read like a whose who of jazz and blues during the early twenties.

This track - Mistreated Blues- was recorded in May of 1923 for Paramont Records. This is one of my favorite tracks by her because it shows her amazing voice and phrasing as well as featuring a great piano track by Fletcher Henderson. The quality of the recording is okay, there is some surface noise, but the vocals/piano easily overcome that.

  • Alberta Hunter - Mistreated Blues
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