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One of the best close harmony groups (second to only the Blue Sky Boys) the Louvin Brothers were known for their amazing voices and solid instrumentation. They were one of the biggest groups around during the 40's and early 50's and even made the transition into rock and roll rather smoothly, but their personalities and Ira's violent drinking habits split the pair apart, though Charlie had a respectful solo career afterwards, Ira wasn't so lucky and died an awful death.

The Louvin Brothers are known by a lot of people now for their album "Satan is Real," and rightfully so. The album's mix of bizarre religous songs and top notch instrumentation is as amzing now as it was then.

Last year an amazing tribute album by some of nashville's top singers was released and they do some great verisons of the Louvin Brother's songs.

  • Louvin Brothers - Are You Afraid To Die?

  • Louvin Brothers - The Christian Life

  • Ronnie Dunn and Rebecca Lynn Howard - If I Could Only Win Your Love

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