7/13/2004 01:01:54 PM|||peter patnaik|||Tonight I will be doing my radio show from 11-1am EST at www.wuag.net, be sure to check it out, hopefully i won't be too addicted to NCAA Football 2005 by then.

Yesterday I posted about Jim Clark - I still haven't found any information about him, though sometimes he goes by Jim Clarke. He is on a smattering of Yazoo releases, so if anyone has information about him drop me a line.

Blind Joe (Willie) Reynolds was born Gayle Wardlow at the turn of the century in Arkanasas. He was blinded by a shotgun shot to the face - but that did not prevent him from becoming a master slide guitar player and a sharpshooter with a pistol. He recorded 8 sides in all, only four have been found. "Outside Woman Blues" is my favorite song by him, great guitar preformace and bitting vocals. The recording is sorta scratchy, but not too bad.

  • Blind Joe Reynolds - Outside Woman Blues
  • |||108973907493526633|||I'm gonna buy me a bulldog, watch my old lady whilst I sleep